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Here are some of the project components designed by Charity Shop DJ Productions which are available as bespoke configurations that, between us, can be made specific to you.

They can exist stand alone - merged together and alongside - or drop into your existing project structure.


Charity Shop DJ presents theBig Disco

The Big Disco

The Big Disco turns a house party into a community celebration.

We’ll work with you to programme a selection of the finest unexpected DJs from your community, and make a party that will connect people who might never have met or spoken before, let alone danced the night away together.

Premiered at Derby Feste in 2010 with an audience of 5,000.

Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pedal Powered Party

Pedal Powered Party

Sustainable power and sustainable communities: bicycle generators powering the music, guest DJs, teams of artists and unexpected surprises.

From a local theatre in Chesterfield to the closing of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the East Midlands, we can harness the power of companies, artists and your local community to create a party for the future.

‘There are just so many people here – and the buzz and the atmosphere are incredible’ [Dave Clasby, Sustrans]
Charity Shop DJ Presents Choose Your Cheese

Choose Your Cheese

Going back to our roots – Choose Your Cheese is the original Charity Shop DJ show.

We’ll connect up audiences, venues, whoever you want - through a box of old records and some turntables.

Join the thousands of people who have partied with us over the years in a night never forgotten.

‘20-somethings in dayglo shellsuits, 40-somethings in mini-skirts and 30-somethings in tweeds with pipes all doing the Black Bottom together….. this is Westworld with a happy ending’ Mike Flowers of the Mike Flowers Pops ‘
One of the most fun nights I've had out in ages. Totally ego free’ Leigh Maclea. Vintage party goer 2010
Charity Shop DJ Presents The Shed

The Shed

Small is beautiful. First launched at the closing of the Paralympics in the East Midlands in 2012, The Shed brings the quirkiness of the allotment into the centre of town. It’s small - but full of the tools of the trade. Poetry, opera, punk, grime, community choirs and salsa bands. We’re only fussy about ensuring audiences get up real close to the action, and artists get up real close to the audience.

It’s fertile ground – in a city centre, or somewhere closer to home.

Charity Shop DJ Presents the Bombay Picture Palace

The Bombay Picture Palace

Originally commissioned by the WOMAD Foundation, then subsequently toured to India and Australia, The Bombay Picture Palace is a venue that celebrates the multi artforms that make up Indian cinema.

We can programme with you film, dance, visual art,live music and workshops, all against a backdrop of the largest collection of original Indian cinema art outside of India.

The Bombay Picture Palace also features the “ Rickshaw full of memories “, a Charity Shop DJ project that has run at London’s Southbank Centre over the last 2 years of the Alchemy Festival..

Charity Shop DJ Presents the Unlucky Dip

The Unlucky Dip

“It’s everything you never wanted – and worse. “ The Unlucky Dip has been our smash hit at Glastonbury since 2010.

Working with charity shops to see what can be done with the piles of unwanted bric a brac awaiting landfill – we’ve found a way to give value to even the worst of porcelain figurines.

Otherwise known as “serendipity in a laundry basket “, the Unlucky Dip is a low – fi, hi value foray into the murky depths of global production.

Charity Shop DJ goes to Parliament

Creative Consultancy

In 2007 the directors of Charity Shop DJ were commissioned by Arts Council England to advocate successfully in Parliament for the arts position in the Government’s Comprehensive Spending review.

Charity Shop DJ has also been commissioned by the British Council in Syria and the Middle East to conduct feasibility studies into artistic partnerships.

The company is committed to intelligent and strategically important research and development activities as part of its core work. All of the projects above can be integrated into research, or we can work with you to devise free-thinking and calculated leaps into the future.


Projects about to Launch

Bah Humbug, a Christmas venue with a slightly big difference

Albert’s Of Brampton – a new retail shop in the town we are based in in Derbyshire, selling seasonal and local produce, with guest shopkeepers and product curators from the local community

Hip Hop On Ice – with collaborators Baby People.

Plus more : some sooner, some later………….


Charity Shop DJ on the Road to Baghdad

It's Personal

As well as building projects and events with partners and clients, Charity Shop DJ also design and work on personal projects.

We are constantly developing our creative practice – and are always on the lookout for inventive people who would like to work collaboratively with us.

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