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Case Study: Derby's Olympic Celebrations


Name of Project: Pedal Powered Party

Client: Derby LIVE (Part of Derby City Council)

Project Summary

Charity Shop DJ was commissioned by Derby LIVE to produce the finale of Derby’s programme of events celebrating the 2012 Olympic Games, and to promote and manage community engagement with the programme.

The programme was funded by the Cultural Olympiad through the ‘Igniting Ambition’ scheme.

Charity Shop DJ conceived and produced the Pedal Powered Party, which was a large free outdoor event underpinned by the motifs of community empowerment and interdependence. These motifs were illustrated and presented through the provision of a cycle powered generator system which powered sound equipment on stage in Derby Market Place.


Our Brief
  • To devise the concept and communicate the ethos of the project and event to funders and partners. The project concept provided the backbone of Derby LIVE’s application to the Cultural Olympiad for project funding
  • To ensure that the spirit of the Paralympics and Accessibility was reflected in the event through community involvement from a diverse range of ethnic and ability groups
  • To project manage and provide a focus for community involvement in the programme of events
  • To programme and produce the finale event
  • To manage the project’s legacy


Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pedal Powered Party
Our Process
  • Devising concepts to define the finale event - to create an early focus for advocacy building for the project, and to drive the project forward
  • Sourcing and communicating with artists and performers from the local community.
  • Encouraging community members to be mentored as DJs and to participate in the event by performing on stage
  • Building support for the project by encouraging advisory group members to be involved in the finale event as performers. Derby City Council Diversity Officer, Ann Webster and the Disability Syndicate were involved from the outset in an advisory capacity, and both Ann and young people from the Disability Syndicate performed as DJs at the event.


Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pedal Powered Party
  • 5,800  audience members
  • 1000 people pedalled the bikes
  • 205 artists and performers took part across the site and its 3 stages
  • 246 disabled people took part
  • 79 people from local businesses and organisations took part
  • New audiences for Derbyshire-based performers, many of whom had never performed at an event of this size before
  • Launch of new theatre group who performed a piece specially commissioned for the event. The group was launched to develop the talents of learning disabled artists, and, with the support of Charity Shop DJ, secured an ACE ‘Grant for the Arts’ award to deliver their performance
  • Bicycle generator system has stayed in Derby and has been used in events and education into 2013
  • Engagement and development of volunteers by providing stimulating work environment; continuing involvement of volunteers in the work of Charity Shop DJ
  • The research which was carried out to produce the hand-cranked and wheelchair bike generators has broadened the knowledge base of the providing company, heightened its awareness of accessibility issues and increased its ‘offer’
  • The Pedal Powered Party provided a comfortable space for other events to happen, including the unveiling of Derby’s Olympic Milestone, which was successfully integrated into the event’s programming
  • Successful audience development for the Silk Mill, a venue run by Derby Museums
  • Professional development of artists and creation of new cross-sectoral partnerships


Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pedal Powered Party
How the Project Achieved Derby LIVE's Objectives
  • Optimised impact of the Cultural Olympiad and maintained momentum of the Olympic and Paralympics in Derby
  • Complemented the Big Screen and animated Derby Market Place
  • Pulled people from the Westfield shopping centre to the Market Place
  • Fulfilled success criteria for outdoor events as outlined in the Derby Live Artistic Vision

                      Quality – Scored massively , occasionally compromised by social imperative

                      Innovation, scored massively, a completely different event, not seen before

                      Diversity – scored massively , people ,who may have otherwise feel marginalised now feel central in their town

  • Improvement of perception of Derby City Council, with Derby LIVE now seen as creative producers in their own right



‘There are just so many people here – and the buzz and the atmosphere are incredible ….’ [Dave Clasby, Sustrans]

‘What’s special about today is that it feels as if everyone’s involved, like it’s everyone’s event. We’re all part of the event, management, audience and performer, all merged into one’ [Baby J, CEO Baby J Studios]

‘It’s full inclusivity, it’s absolutely wonderful’ [Ann Webster, Derby City Council Diversity Officer]

‘I’m 17, but I’ve seen people here who are 60, 70, 80 … it doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 70 – there’s something here for everyone’ [Visitor vox pop]

‘It’s an amazing event. It just shows what can happen when people come together and have a common purpose’ [Lisa Higginbottom, Mayor of Derby]

‘Being from a disability group its quite rare to be incorporated so seamless into a 'mainstream' event.’ [Party visitor]


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