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Name of Project: Talking About Old Records 2007-2008

Delivery Partner: Nottingham Trent University

Project Summary:

Talking About Old Records (TAOR) was a research project that aimed to bridge the generation divide through a shared love of music. The project brought teenagers and older people together through a range of interactive workshops that involved recalling the music of yesteryear through performance on today’s state-of-the-art DJ equipment. The project gave young and old participants the chance to use the equipment and share conversations about what music means to them.

The TAOR pilot project was led from Nottingham Trent University’s (NTU)  School of Arts and Humanities, and began as a research investigation into the work of Charity Shop DJ as it pertains to memory, identity and intergenerational communication.

The pilot project took place over the summer of 2007 in Killamarsh and Staveley in North East Derbyshire, bringing together members of the Staveley Seniors’ elder’s forum and young people from the Aurora Music Project.

The initial pilot project was funded by the School of Arts and Humanities at Nottingham Trent University, with a contribution from the North East Derbyshire District Council pilot Small Arts Grants fund.


Talking About Old Records


  • Briefing sessions for the older participants; training sessions on the DJ equipment for the younger participants. Leading to:
  • Intergenerational event at which the teenagers DJed for the elders using the Charity Shop DJ archive of old records plus records brought in by the elders themselves.


Talking About Old Records at One8


  • Three teenagers were involved and circa 30 elders took part in the events
  • Testimonial from the seniors that this activity had provided them with an opportunity to get to know each other better, not just the youngsters – in other words, the project facilitated intra-generational communication as well as inter-generational communication
  • Elders invited the teenagers to perform at the Staveley Seniors Christmas party
  • Development of confidence and expertise in the use of DJ equipment led to two of the young people being entered for a certificated programme of musical development
  • Development of lasting partnerships between NTU, CSDJ, the Staveley Seniors and the Aurora Music Project
  • Further funding secured from Renaissance East Midlands and Derby City Council to take TAOR to the One8 launch of the Cultural Olympiad at Nottingham Castle in September 2008.
  • Further funding secured through the NTU’s Stimulating Innovation for Success (SIS) knowledge transfer fund.
Talking About Old Records at One8

Partner Benefits

  • Building of mutually beneficial cross-sectoral creative partnerships
  • Successful development and trial of commercial model for NTU; further commercial potential to be developed
  • Further grant funding for partner organisations; eg The Aurora Music Project awarded small grant from the North East Derbyshire District Council pilot Arts Development Fund
  • Creation of a jointly owned transferable methodology which was used in the Generations Together project for Northampton Volunteer Centre
  • Profile-raising for partner organisations due to national media exposure
  • Talking About Old Records' profile publicity was the highest ever received by a project funded by NTU‚??s Stimulating Innovation for Success (SIS) knowledge transfer fund
  • Curriculum Enrichment for NTU
  • Furthering of academic knowledge and research for NTU
  • Potential for further grant capture for NTU
  • The success of the project acted as validation of the North East Derbyshire District Council pilot Small Arts Grants fund
  • Fulfilment of Staveley Seniors‚?? ambition to get involved in intergenerational work


Talking About Old Records


‘I didn’t know what to expect and we were all quite nervous. Soon we started talking about music and we realised a lot of today’s music is in the same style as older music. It’s just different bands singing the tunes’. Libby, 13

‘Very beneficial, a great experience for the young and older people involved.’ Brian Tucker, Aurora Music Project

‘Unambiguous joy. I’ve never seen such diversity’. Richard Talaska, Older People’s Consultancy Officer, Derby City Council



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