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Case Study: Local Authority: Chesterfield Borough Council

Name of Project: Pick n Mix Party: 2013

Client: Chesterfield Borough Council


Project Summary

Chesterfield Borough Council wanted to create a focus for outputs of participatory workshops commissioned to develop audiences for the inaugural Chesterfield Community Arts Festival. They also wanted to create a performance platform for local performers and artists to celebrate the Chesterfield area.

Charity Shop DJ worked alongside Chesterfield College and Sheffield-based participatory arts organisation, Art in the Park, to create the Pick n Mix Party. It was held at the Winding Wheel, a local authority-run theatre.

The party was a free public event, and encompassed a wide range of artists and performers. It was decorated with artwork created by students from Chesterfield College and young people and elders from local schools and community centres.


Our Brief
  • To create a performance environment for local artists and performers
  • To create a working brief and end focus for Chesterfield Borough Council’s existing partners, the Donut Creative Arts Studio and Chesterfield College
  • To increase footfall and broaden audience demographic for the ‘Winding Wheel’, a theatre run by Chesterfield Borough Council


Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pick n Mix Party
Our Process
  • Creation of party concept which provided a fit with other festival content, and which was broad enough to accommodate a broad spectrum of performers
  • To be the ‘communications hub’ – the interface between performers, practitioners, partners and on-site production. Weaving all performance content, personnel, partners and workshop outputs into the fabric of a party, to include marketing, decor, and sound
  • Creating a standalone concept, which could be marketed as an outward facing public event
Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pick n Mix Party


  • A well attended public event which showcased mixed genres of performance on the same stage – 186 people attended in a venue with capacity of 200
  • Engagement of over 50 performers; 194 participants engaged in build up work
  • Creation of new working relationships; strengthening and providing a focus for existing ones
  • Creation of a showcase for future funding bids by Chesterfield Borough Council
  • Building of new audiences for Chesterfield performers and artists, and a new audience profile for the Winding Wheel
  • Creation of a stimulating work environment for Chesterfield College students, enhancing their work outputs and providing them with an opportunity of working with local providers


Charity Shop DJ Presents the Pick n Mix Party
How The Project Achieved Chesterfield Borough Council's Objectives
  • Increased footfall and achieved broader audience demographic for Winding Wheel
  • Engagement of ‘hard to reach’ areas/people in accessible and unselfconscious way, evidenced by broad mix of ages/ backgrounds at party
  • Creation of successful focus to be built into future audience-building processes
  • Creation of platform for performance content and working partners that could exist as marketable standalone event



'The ballroom was very busy, surprisingly quiet and everyone, including students, working intensely and with great focus.’ [Pam Butler, Arts Officer, Chesterfield Borough Council, talks about the event preparations]

‘The event met all my expectations and overall, exceeded expectations.’ [Pam Butler talks about the event]

‘I think getting invaded by the really skilled Tango Dancers taking to the dance floor doing their moves to the stripped back Hip Hop beats we were playing was a real highlight for me. It was startling and beautiful at the same time. One of those moments that sticks in your memory and makes you think the whole thing is worth doing’. [Paul Scott, Performer]

'I saw a big, unplanned and quite unusual shift in what they ( the students ) did'. Steve Penney, Chesterfield College lecturer.


Here's a short film about the party made by media students at Chesterfield College

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