Charity Shop DJ's Big Disco

Derby Feste 2010


“A Derby Disco by Derby people for Derby people. Inspirational.” Dave Clasby, Sustrans

Charity Shop DJ's Big Derby Disco

The Call to Party: The Challenge - to create a celebratory event which appealed to all ages.

Time and time again, we find that the party starts when the boundaries between generations, community groups, organisations, sectors and disciplines are rubbed out. That the fun starts with a state of flux.

We applied those principles to the Big Disco and invited an unlikely line-up of guest DJs representing many aspects of Derby life to join us on stage to play their favourite party tunes.


"It was fantastic! I loved it. Thanks for the opportunity". Guest DJ Nel Flint

Charity Shop DJ at Derby Feste

Gladrags and Glitter with a Few Handbags Thrown in


In planning the Disco, it was decided to build upon formats developed during the 2009 Derby Record Holders project, and relationships fostered during the project were revisited and integrated into the planning and delivery of the Disco.

The eclectic line-up brought with it a varied and evolving audience which took up the Call to Party.


Charity Shop DJ teams up with Derby Museum at Derby Feste

From the Warehouse to the Dancefloor


All this took place on a very special stage, created exclusively for the event by Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Museum objects were taken out of the museum building and placed within a radically different setting - embedded within the community.

The effect? A complete re-jigging of  the relationship between museum artefact and its audience.
Charity Shop DJ teams up with Derby Museum at Derby Feste

Museum Artefact Meets Modern Technology


Banks of Art Deco radiograms and TV sets flanked the DJ decks on-stage, and , in a surreal juxtaposition of technologies, the sound seemed to be projected through 1920s gramophone trumpets.


Charity Shop DJ at Derby Feste







?? It was fantastic. A great experience."  Inspector `Richard Keene of Derby Constabulary, one of the 12 guest DJs on the night.







Across the political divide: DJ Alan Grimadell, Derby City Council Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, meets DJ Chris Williamson MP, Labour MP for Derby North

Charity Shop DJ's Big Derby Disco

Dave Clasby of Sustrans and Ceejay of Comedius

Thanks to all the guest DJs who played their favourite music: Simon Groom (yes, Blue Peter); The Right Worshipful Amar Nath, Lord Mayor of Derby;  Inspector Rich Keene of Derbyshire Constabulary and his daughter Elysia;  Alan Grimadell, Derby City Council Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture; Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North; Nel Flint, presenter of the Derby night, Songs That Will Change Your Life; Dave Clasby of  Sustrans; Ceejay of Comedius; Beth de Lange of Kaleidoscope Community Music; Dave Culleton and George Harris from Derby’s own No Parking Collective.

Charity Shop DJ at Derby Feste

Katie Green's specially choreographed dance sequence was a big hit

A big shout out to QUAD and the crew of projectionists on the city centre rooftops.

To Loopy About hoops, Arts Agenda ,and the fantastic choreographer Katie Green and Deda crew, and Derby LIVE, and to the traders serving drinks and coffees.

To all the families and dancers and groovers and shakers who stood up to be counted on the Charity Shop DJ Podium of Non-Judgementalism.

To the Just for Dogs charity shop for all the recycled handbags that we danced around all night.


Charity Shop DJ's Big Derby Disco

Loopy About Hoops

"Team hoola loved it!" Kelly Atkins of Loopy about Hoops

Charity Shop DJ's Big Derby Disco

Thanks to everyone who came!

"I had a ball. You smasher!" Dave Culleton, No Parking


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