What People are Saying About the Pedal Powered Party

Great concept and lovely atmosphere.

Was great to see so many people of all ages from different cultures all engaging and interacting to achieve a common goal! To keep the party going. Loved it!

A sense of people of all ages enjoying the space and the entertainment and events had 'edge'

it was a live local event so suppported local bands and performers from the Derby area. It was a community event so brought people of Derby City and surrounding area together which helps community cohesion and a sense of belonging. Allowed people access to the arts from watching performances to taking part in the pedalling therefore being a part of the event. provided opportnities for volunteers to be a part of the set up of the event and running of the event therefore providing opportunity to develop new skills.

It was a brilliant event for the city which brought people from all walks of life together.

it was a great way to bring a diverse community together to actually work together on something tangible with such clear mutual benefit

It brought Derby people and visitors together.

It showed that cycling can be sexy and fun, that we take energy for granted but that you really have to work hard to produce it.

So many different people, different styles of music, and lots going on around the venue

Brought home important messages about conserving energy resources whilst giving people the opportunity at a time when times are difficult for many

It was brilliant, so many people being bought together and working as a team to power a gig and having a fantastic time.

The concept was so important and such a great, fun way to introduce the idea of sustainability in a practical easy way.

It generated a sense of community and participation.

Uniting local people in light, engaging, happy atmosphere while allowing them the opportunity to be part of the success of the event has to be an extremely worthwhile and positive thing.

Fantastic fun, diverse crowd, people helping to make it work not just expecting others to do it all.

Great atmosphere. Great opportunity for us to perform. Lots of interesting acts.

being from a disability group its quite rare to be incorporated so seamless into a 'mainstream' event.

An education about the importance of power; where it comes from and where it goes.

a sense of feeling proud to be in Derby. Our kids loved getting involved and met some great people.

renewed friendships, new friendships, fitness, fun, enjoyment, music, takin part was ace, learned new skills, inspiration, lots, just lots of goodness, for all age groups abilities, leaving noone out,

very inclusive, magic.

It was my best event that I have worked at yet, the community spirit was buzzing and there were lots of happy (painted!) faces :oD

Learned how to hula-hoop. enjoyed the spirit of the event, the mix of people.

It was a brilliant day, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. The organisation was exceptional

Other than being paid, which was a massive bonus! I got to work with an amazing group of people and had loads of fun in the process.

Enjoyed the music and felt I had helped to make it happen.

Support in getting funding to launch our theatre company and a forum to show the work. A good day's work for us all and a good project for 5 professional local artists. It also brought together people who may not work/play together normally.

Satisfaction, mental, skill and practical development, social well being and cooperation.

Absolutely Awesome evening and we only got to catch half of it !!

Another Pedal Powered Party .... Please !! Great on all counts. Fantastic!

Highly successful event. Saw lots of acts and community groups I would not have heard of otherwise. Really enjoyed performing ourselves.

Awesome event, well done! EVERYONE I spoke to said they really enjoyed themselves and it brought out an absolutely wonderful feeling of community! :) thankyou xxx

We had a great time yesterday. My lad was on the bikes pretty much non-stop Look forward to doing it again soon!

A truly inspiring day fuelled by people and pedal power - Again again! :-)

"On behalf of QEII, a massive thank you for having and looking after us yesterday at The Pedal Powered Party. We had a great day and it was a pleasure to share a stage with such amazing talent, not forgetting the Pedalers who kept the whole day Rocking!! Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll get to work together again soon!!!"

I want to thank you for making Sunday such a wonderful experience, the atmosphere in the Market Square was unbelievable and I do not know of anyone who did not enjoy themselves. Paul Pegg, Councillor for Mackworth Ward

CSDJ are legends for bringing Derby together!

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