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Missy Tassles is a short film maker, model, illustrator, DJ, cook, radio show host, painter, collector of odd vintage miscellania, writer, maker of stuff, superstar and all round good egg from Sheffield. From time to time she will be sending us her cartoon diaries, doodles and musical musings which will feature on this very special part of the Charity Shop DJ website, the Missy Tassles page.

And here for your delectation is ...

Missy's Charity Shop Choice ...

Missy Tassles

Missy Tassles comes face to face with...

Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire ...

Missy and Joe Meek

A special one for you by Missy. A profile of the musical maestro, Joe Meek.

Welcome to my World

Baby Tassles' World of Wonder

In the fourth of her special series of cartoons, Missy Tassles welcomes 8 month old Baby Tassles to a big wide world of music and finds out what rocks his cradle

Please read on for earlier musical musings ..
Missy Tassles at Charity Shop DJ

The Desert Island Disco

Here are some wonderful cartoons Missy Tassles has sent in to us about her favourite music. Being a collector, DJ and radio presenter, we’re sure there must have been a lot to choose from. We’re hoping for more Desert Island Discos soon!

Missy's friend Lizzie started the Desert Island Disco a while back. The idea is that a few friends pick their eight records they'd like to be castaway with and play them in a pub. On 5 March 2009 it was Missy Tassles' turn. This is what she played, in no particular order, other than that in which they were played...not sure which pub it was in...

New Page 2

More Please!


You can catch Missy Tassles on her site and on her blog

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