The Secret History of Popular Music


Did Ray Conniff really invent
drum and bass in 1973 ?

The history of popular music as found in charity shops and car boot sales tells a slightly different story from the one we're usually told. At Charity Shop DJ we are looking at discarded records as social documents and as evidence of a musical history often ignored and often un-downloadable.


Charity Shop DJ at Art Vinyl

As part of his ongoing Secret Histories project, Charity Shop DJ will be untangling the Secret Histories of the Sixties as told by the charity shops of Swinging London.

What were people really listening to? How much of it survives today?

An unexpected slice of the Sixties will be served up by Charity Shop DJ at an exhibition of album cover art to be held throughout June and July 2009 at Art Vinyl's new Carnaby Street gallery.

Charity Shop DJ at Art Vinyl

Art Vinyl will be opening their new gallery in Kingley Court on 3rd June 2009.

The gallery will feature an exhibition of Art & Music of 60s London presented in association with the recently opened British Music Experience at The O2, the UK’s first fully interactive exhibition dedicated to rock and pop.

Art and music from the likes of the Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Joe Meek’s Tornados and The Yardbirds will be exhibited alongside unsung heroes of the era such as the New Vaudeville Band and the Mystic Moods Orchestra and their English Muffins album.

Charity Shop DJ at Art Vinyl

Throughout the summer there will be a series of events happening at the Art Vinyl Carnaby Gallery to celebrate London’s 60’s Music at its finest:

10th June: Bring Your Parents’ 60’s Records hosted by Jonny Awsum

13th/14th June: Swinging Carnaby, the best in 60’s Art and Music with the Art Vinyl DJs

25th/26th June: The Art of 60’s Psychedelia and Garage with Shindig Magazine

2nd/3rd July: The Secret History of 60’s London, curated by Andy ‘Charity Shop DJ’ Jupp


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[Left] The interior of a record shop circa late 1950s. The era defining 'Top 20 Pops' are displayed at the back of the store, whilst LPs, including Bill Dogett: Big City Dance Party' (1959), The Playmates: Broadway Show Stoppers (1959), songs from South Pacific and Oklahoma!, a selection of Cha Cha Chas, and albums by the Gaylords and the Ted Heath Band occupy a separate position at the front of the counter.

[Right] A record shop window in Edmonton in 1974. We have spotted Mrs Mills: Non Stop Honky Tonk Party (1973), Sid Bass: Moog Espana (1969), James Last: Ole (1973), Rolling Stones: Goats Head Soup (1973), 20 Explosive Hits by K Tel, and LPs by Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, Queen, and Neil Sedaka


"It has frequently been said that the histories of wars are written by the winners. I think we have been looking at the culture of some of the defeated tribes who were comprehensively crushed in the cultural wars of conquest in the 20th century". Read more

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