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Years ago the charity shop was primarily an outlet for unwanted material and things that could generate an income for a cause, as well as providing affordable goods to our own communities.

Though this continues to be the case, changes that are taking place in the way we deal with waste materials may well lead to an increasing role for the charity shop in the overall waste management picture.

Whilst a significant amount of material has traditionally ended up in landfill , as recycling becomes more prevalent so an increasing volume of redundant technology and its peripherals end up crossing the doorstep of the charity shop.  This has effectively put the charity shop and charities into the waste management camp , a useful and exciting place to be in the current climate , but not one without considerable challenges.

So – consider the charity shop’s potential in the re-use and recycling hierarchy of the local waste management programme and the contribution it can make to the national picture.

Now consider how this message can be delivered in a way that promotes their role, promotes their integration into the local waste hierarchy, and propagates coordination and collaboration between numerous and diverse organisations  to best exploit these opportunities on a sustainable basis. 

By stimulating creative thought, and by highlighting the case of vinyl records, Charity Shop DJand the EasyAction Project can help point the way to understanding redundant items as resources.

And let's put this into perspective - ALL material represents a potential resource.

Charity Shop DJ, in raising awareness, will establish and maintain links, draw on material , and continue to disseminate experience from a range of peoples and cultures.

When it comes to how we manage the excesses of our consumer, throw away culture, conventional thinking may just take us further up the same road. Charity Shop DJ is about taking a detour, exploring. Who knows - in getting lost we may find our way.


Jazz Summers


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