E-Mail From Graeme

Subject: oxfam hertford
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 11:03:48 +0000

hi andy,

i heard you on radio last week and was really impressed with your idea. i've been record shopping in charity shops for a good while now and totally agree with everything you stand for. it started with me raking through the second hand boxes under the tables in a proper record shop in st.albans, in one afternoon of sitting cross legged on the floor i found loads of gems and with them memories too. i'm an art teacher and was looking for suitable music for a staff christmas party that i had been asked to dj at, i could have bought a couple of party cd compilations but that didn't appeal to me. the party went really well and i've played at staff christmas and summer partys since, everyone always has a great time and the atmosphere is excellent. a couple of years ago i moved to hertford and found that there was an oxfam with loads of excellent records. i started chatting with the manager and he was really enthusiastic, he opened the door to a cupboard that was full from floor to ceiling with albums and singles, my jaw dropped at the sight of all this plastic. i asked why they were not all out on display and he said that the problem was he neither has enough time to price the records nor enough space in the shop to display them. now i shop there at least twice a month and there is always new stock, the turnover is great but there are always at least two 7" copies of the bangles "walk like an egyptian", nevermind! i dj at friends house parties and used to rely on 90's house music to get people dancing but now i turn to something like irene cara's "fame" or the theme from ghostbusters, they never fail.

the main reason i am writing this e-mail is to encourage you to come to hertford, i'm sure you would have a fantastic time.





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