Jim Hall's Open Mic

Jim Hall on the Charity Shop DJ website

Jim Hall

Jim hall is an early twenties, Derby born-and-bred University support worker.

Job-wise he's passionate about special educational needs, of any age or specific setting - and continues to explore and develop in that field.

But when the work gloves are off, it’s completely about creativity.


We met Jim during the 2009 Derby Record Holders project, and because we loved his passion, his energy and his approach, we asked him if he would like to contribute to this site. He said yes!

This page is for him to post writings inspired by music, memory and to go wherever they will take him.

This is Jim Hall's Open Mic


Jim Hall on the Charity Shop DJ website

Jim describes his writing as a heady blend of embracing the mundane as much as escaping it, giving value to everything he can find value in.

It’s a release and it’s a reminder.

It is developing and can move in different directions.

It can be poetry. It can be scrawled prose.

Most of the time he just lets it be whatever people feel it is to them and have faith there will be a hope to the words, somewhere.
Jim Hall on the Charity Shop DJ website

Thanks Jim.

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