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The Art of Partying: The Charity Shop DJ Approach

As a creative production company, we build happenings with process, values and creativity at their heart.

From a village green to the Royal Festival Hall, from backstage to front of house, we find that the party starts when the boundaries between generations, cultures, disciplines, sectors and institutions are rubbed out; that fun and well-being start with a state of flux.

We create parties with purpose. Find out about our Mission and Values.

Our happenings are ebullient affairs, shaped by the energies of those who party with us.

The way we approach our work is:

Through creative collaboration

With love, care and mutual respect

With meticulous planning and attention to detail

With intrigue, awe and wonder at what might be possible!

What’s special about today is that it feels like it’s everyone’s event. We’re all part of it …management and audience and performer, all merged into one’
Baby J, Director, Baby People

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