Welome to Charity Shop DJ Productions

Charity Shop DJ at the Vintage Festival

Our Story

The directors of Charity Shop DJ Productions have a background in TV research, market trading, truck driving, music festivals and production.

In 2001, after inheriting a box of old records from an uncle we used those records to get to know the man through the music.

Using a wind-up gramophone we soon started hosting parties in charity shops, with the first Charity Shop Tour taking place throughout 2005.

The next step was to train-up volunteers in the shops to put on their own parties – a methodology we still apply today on larger scales.

With the themes of identity, of re-use, and highlighting value and meaning, it wasn’t long before we were working with museums, artists and arts organisations in the wider delivery of projects.

With the on-going support of Arts Council England through the granting of strategic bursaries to develop our work and capacity, Charity Shop DJ moved from an informal collection of artists and producers into a production company in 2011.

We are now able to bring to the table a wealth of cross-sectoral experience and interests, combined with a deep commitment to our core values



'You are telling a different story. It is a real story about real people.’ Tony Benn

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