Welcome to Charity Shop DJ Productions

Charity Shop DJ Presents House Party

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to harness the creative power of people and communities to produce unique, inspirational, and joyful events that connect people through the art of partying.

We have three core beliefs:

  • That everyone has the right to be recognised as creative
  • That everyone and everything has a value
  • That the quality of an event is enhanced by the depth of participation and ownership

Our Work:


  • Explores and values our shared pasts and common experiences and aims to create a single space where we can dare to shape our common aspirations for the future
  • Seeks a joyful redefinition of value
  • Aims to kickstart a creative process which continues beyond the timeframe of a project or event
"Most rewarding was the pleasure of sharing the love of music with so many interesting people; people just like me, and nothing like me, that I might otherwise pass by in the street. It is quite a fantastic seed you sow, that enriches us all"
DJ Badlucky, Project Participant
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